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 The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet

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The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Empty
PostSubject: The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet   The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 8:41 pm

What are Fairy’s? Not your typical, everyday flying miniature people. My name is Alara Carter, and I never thought, it never flashed in my mind, that I was a Fairy. I go to a normal school; I’m 12, live a normal life, but, I’m asthmatic. I live with just my cousin, and my dear turtle snappy, who I love like a mother. I don’t have a mother or father, because they’re dead. My life is pretty much normal. Can you speak with animals? Look deep into your cat or dog, or lizard’s eyes. Are you a Fairy? If so, you’re welcome to Fort Mystic. Otherwise, if you think fairies are baloney, read some other book, about carrots or something.

The Mystic Ones 1 I learn a Lesson
Chapter 1- I learn a lesson

My heart was pounding. My mind was racing. I was hyperventilating and gripping the old grey leather couch. I looked around and managed to cough out, “Sarah!” My eyes were rolling behind my head and my insides were going cold. Sarah, a girl with flamey red hair, baggy jeans, and a black T- shirt rushed out and lifted me up. She put the inhaler to my mouth and pressed it as I inhaled. I felt like the life was returning to my body and my insides warming up again as she did it a second time. When I had regained most of my strength, and was able to stand, she put my inhaler in my back pocket and walked me to my bed. I sat down with a thud, and she raised the blankets over me as I put my head to the pillow. Sarah was like a second mother to me, and stuck with me through everything. I looked at her tired face as she poured me a glass of water. I kind of felt bad, for her. And how she had to not only work most of the day, but when she returned had to take care of me, making her a whole different level of tired, and do it again the next day. Sometimes, I even with I was never born. She puts her hand to my back, and I raise my body, pushing me up. Sarah put the glass of water to my lips and sipped it up gently. When half the glass was gone, I lay back down as she puts the glass of water back on the small wooden Side-Table I had gotten for my bedroom on Christmas, along with a Encyclopedia. She turns to me and folds her hand on the side of the bed. She looks at
Me deeply; her blue eyes seem to be reading my mind. I look at the side of the bed, trying to avoid her eyes. “Alara, Don’t ever do that again.”

The Mystic Ones 2 I help a Rodent
Chapter 2- I Help a Rodent

The next day at school, the inhaler was tucked in the back pocket of my jeans as I walked to class. I sat down in my seat and put my bag on the floor. I took a quick breath of my inhaler and stuffed it in my shoulder bag. I groaned as I saw the schedule. Today was Gym. I hated Gym, because whenever I had Gym, I couldn’t participate because of my Asthma and the boys would either laugh aloud, or giggle like immature little girls. So as usual, I sit there, with my hand on my cheek, listening to the boring lecture about Egyptians from my Social Studies teacher, Mr. Florin. He would walk around blabbering mummies this, curses that, and not even take one look around to see kids drooling, sleeping, or reading some crazy Manga novel about Buff guys who have super powers and fight aliens from another galaxy. I was the only one who even still had my eyes open. I looked around and saw a small, rat like, thing scamper across the room. It was so fast; you couldn’t even see it correctly. I tried to make it out as it ran across the room, and only managed to see the tips of its whiskers. It ran right across the front of Mr. Florin, and he was so interested into his Egyptians lecture himself, he didn’t notice. It stopped right in front of me and bared its teeth. You see, I was terrified- More like Petrified of rats and mice. I’m not a girly-Girl, but these things are scary. But, as it bared its teeth, its eyes seemed to tell me something, not an ‘I want to eat you’ look, But a, help me look. So, something just told me to scoop it up and put it in my bag, and I did. Before I knew it, I was walking out the room, with my handbag clutched to my shoulder.

The Mystic Ones 3 I meet the Wicked Wizard
Chapter 3- I meet the Wicked Wizard

I walked into the Girl’s bathroom and ran into a stall. I closed the toilet lid and sat on it, hearing small squeaking noises from my bag. I zipped open my bag and the rat ran out, looking up at me with great appreciation. I stared back into the rats eyes and heard, “Thank you, Thank you!” I jumped back and the rat cocked his head. Had I really just heard a voice in my head, or was it really the rat? The rat scampered up the toilet seat and I seemed to understand it, and took a step closer. The rat pointed to the stall door, then back up at the ceiling with its tail. I watched, trying my best to understand. “What? You, you want to tell me something?” I watched hopelessly as it tired itself out, pointing to the ceiling, then back at the door, ceiling, and then door. I sighed and stood. But then, the rat looked deep into my eyes again and heard the voice. “The Mystic ones! They will help!” I took the rat gently by the tail and put it in the front pocket of my shoulder bag. I looked at the small window each classroom had and saw Mr. Florin still walking back and forth, the small Egyptian book with notes and symbols held close to his heart, his eyes closed as he chanted some sort of Egyptian song. I figured, yeah, sure. I slip in, put my bag down, sit in my seat, and wait until the periods over. Sure. So I ran in. but then, unexpectedly, he opened his eyes to finally take a glance around, or that’s what I thought, and caught me dead in the air with the shoulder bag frozen against my shoulder. He stepped forward and, and a hand was stretched out. His fingers seemed to be in a flexed position, and He was staring me down, a cold ice in his eyes. Why
was I frozen? What was going to happen to me?

The Mystic Ones 4 I Summon Bees
Chapter 4- I Summon Bees

As he walked towards me, his eyes weren’t normal. They were icy blue, and they seemed to pierce through my soul as they stared me down. I tried to run, but I was frozen in the air, and the only thing I could move was my eyes. I’m done. I said to myself. That guy is a killer of some sort who’s learned magic freezing powers. He seemed to wave one finger down and I fell to the ground. My bag flew to him right when I was falling when he pulled the air. He unzipped it and grabbed out the rat crudely. He squeezed it with one hand and chanted some sort of spell, his other hand curved over the rat’s head. All the anger and hate I had against rats disappeared. I had gotten so angry; I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. I began to chant weird words that sounded as if my tongue was tangled; then, I waved my hands up, and threw them down. Nothing happened at first, but suddenly, faint buzzes can be heard outside the school. The rat looked at me and let out muffled squeaks, and its face was turning pale. I was furious. I was fuming. I felt like pushing him into flames. I pushed my hand forward and let out a loud battle cry, and the bees came pouring in, thousands of them,
Heading straight towards Mr. Florin. They swept him straight off his feet and formed a ball around him as they carried him out the window. The loud buzzing hurt my ears, and everything was faint for a minute. I picked up the unconscious rat and placed him in my bag. I opened it a little, giving him some air to breath. My ankle hurt, from falling from the air recklessly. I limped out the classroom, and the whole school, was deserted.

The Mystic Ones 5 I end the World
Chapter 5- I end the World

I limped to all the classrooms and looked into the small windows. Nothing. No students no teacher, just empty desks and pushed in chairs as if they all had disappeared in thin air. I slid down on the wall and sat there. What was going on? Is this the end of the world? I heard squeaking again and quickly unzipped my bag. “You’re okay!” I said to the rat. I stroked its back fur and it licked my finger. I put it back into my shoulder bag and stood up. I limped outside and it was like World War 2. Everything was deserted. I looked in house windows and saw completely arranged furniture and nothing weird. Accept there was nobody in the houses! Even weirder, the TV was on, playing a kids show named ‘Good Luck Charlie’. I suddenly got a chill down my spine. “Sarah!” I ran/Limped all the way to my house near the beach, and kicked the door down, because it was locked. I looked everywhere. The bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, Sarah was nowhere to be found. The only thing that was there was my beloved turtle snappy, making bubbles at the bottom of his tank. I sat on the old grey leather couch and started crying. What if I was the only person left in the world? I put my bag down and limped into my room, and changed into my short-sleeved red T-Shirt and white and blue beach shorts. I opened my shoulder bag and the rat was sleeping. So I took out my inhaler and took a breath. I wasn’t very hungry so I limped into the bathroom and washed my face. A Shadow was showing behind the shower curtain. I hesitated than slowly slid it open. There was a man dressed completely in black with flaming red eyes staring right at me! I was so scared I stumbled back and tripped on Snappy’s rubber ball. I fell backwards and hit my head on the wall, than everything went black.

The Mystic Ones 6 I end up in the ICU
Chapter 6- I end up in the ICU

I awoke to a warm cloth on my forehead and the smell of medication and latex gloves. I had plastic tube in my nose that was helping me breath fine. My inhaler was on the white side-table along with gauze, bandages, and a paper that was mildly soaked in blood. My head was throbbing and in pain and my hips was sore from falling straight on my butt. Sarah was sitting on the bed next to me with her head cupped in her hands. Her hair was messy, as if she had woken straight up from bed and ran to the hospital. “S-Sarah?” As soon as she heard my voice she shot awake and I realized. She was crying. “A- alara? Y-your okay!” I shook my head and sighed. “What happened yesterday? Where-where were you?” She cocked her head and scoffed. “Are you okay? I was in the house, but you never came home.” “I went to the school, did everything.” “Mr. Florin said that he saw you sneak out the room, but you never came back.” I was shocked. Was I the person that disappeared? I looked up at her and she had begun to cry again. “We-We found you inside the house, and you were unconscious.””You were just lying there, and you were bleeding.” “But, your fine now.” “The doctor stabilized you, and you’re fine. “ She stroked my long brown hair and I managed to smile. But, what about that man I saw? I asked myself. Was he even real? She told me to rest and I closed my eyes. That night, I dreamt about Mr. Florin, and the way he looked at me. I was sitting in my desk and all of a sudden, he took the rat and began squeezing it again. I screamed and ran, but I couldn’t do anything. I ran in place, like my feet were stuck to the ground. I waved my hands and cried, than, he squeezed the rat so much, it disappeared. Then he started walking towards me. I woke up with a start. The doctors and 2 other nurses were trying to hold me down cause I was screaming, “No! No! Mr. Florin! Don’t do it! Stop!” I stopped as soon as I was conscious and they left. My mom was holding the inhaler and a cup of water. She looked at me and sighed. “What was Mr. Florin doing?” I shook my head. “Nothing…”

The Mystic Ones 7 Teacher’s gossip
Chapter 7- Teacher’s Gossip

The next day, I was able to go home with Sarah. She’s always stuck close to me, but now, she’s just over-protective. When I’m able to go to school, I bring plenty of gauze and my inhaler in my shoulder bag. All the boy’s and girls are whispering, -oh my god, did you hear, her head cracked open?” I got angry but kept walking to class. When I got in, there was a new teacher, Mr. Marpin. He’s always looking at me and glancing at me. It’s like he was paid to spy on me. I always try to ignore him, but in the end, I just end up staring straight at him, and he looks away. But then, something really weird happens on Tuesday. I walk through the hall and there is a boy with glossy dark brown hair and green eyes looking up at him. He’s whispering something about me, and telling the boy to make friends. I gasp and run away, and I hear and the boy with brown hair marches to class. Mr. Marpin is treading after me, catching up so quick I almost trip. He stops in front of me and I bump into him. His glinting grey hair and gleaming hazel eyes are almost hypnotizing. I look up at him and try to catch my breath. “Why, why were you talking about me to that boy?” He smiles and puts his hand on my shoulder. “You won’t tell anybody, won’t you?” His voice is sweet, like honey straight from the hive. “Yeah, sure.” I say. I’m not sure what I heard, but it’s not good.

The Mystic Ones 8 I meet Josh
Chapter 8- I meet Josh

The next day, I’m walking to lunch, and while I’m eating my potato chips and chocolate milk, the boy is sitting right behind me. I was determined to figure out what Mr. Marpin said to him, so I get up and sit next to him. His eyes adjusted to me and he smiled. “Hey, I’m Josh.” I force a smile. “I’m Alara.” He takes a bite of his turkey sandwich and we exchange lunch. He offers 5 gummy bears for 3 of my potato chips, and before I know it, were best friends. We talk with each other every day and exchange lunch every lunch period. Before one Thursday in January, he pulls out an inhaler and takes two quick breaths, than hides it in his book bag. I laugh and shake my head. Why was he hiding it? “Look, if you’re afraid I’ll ditch you because you’re asthmatic, I won’t. He looks up at me and looks at the ground. I feel bad, so I take out my inhaler, and show it to him. “You have a hot pink inhaler?” he asks. I look at it and laugh. “Yours is green!” we both laugh and put our inhalers in our bags. He looks away and blushes. “You know, I’ve got a big secret that you might want to know.” I look at him deeply and narrow my eyes. “What?” he open his mouth to talk and lightning flashes, in the middle of a blue sky! He stands up when it cracks the ground and walks into the school. What was he about to say? I stand up and grab our bags to begin following him. When I creep inside the school and see him standing in a corner, I wait to see what he’s going to do. Then, he disappears in a flash of blue light! What’s left is a small note written on an index card. I walk over to it and pick it up. It says, “Alara, the truth about me is something you shouldn’t know. For your own sake. If anything happened to you, well, I try not to think about it.” “–Josh” I drop the card and run away, all the way home to my house near Manhattan Beach.

The Mystic Ones 9 The Source of All Evil
Chapter 9- The Source of All Evil

I ran inside the house and slammed the door once I had gotten in my room. Sarah looked towards me when I ran inside and walked to the door. She knocked and put her hand on it. “Alara? Alara, are you okay? What’s wrong?” I buried my face into my pillow and ignored her knocking. “Go away!” I shouted. She took a lock pick from the tool drawer and played with my doorknob before busting in. She sat on the side of the bed and I looked up at her. She sighed and shook her head. “What’s going on with you? Ever since we moved to Manhattan, you’ve always been having personal problems with school.” I looked away and sat up. “Do you know anything about, I don’t know, magic?” She looked away and and began to turn pale. “You’ve seen it, haven’t you?” I advanced next to her and put my hand on her arm. “Seen what?” “What is everybody hiding from me?!” She leaned close and looked all around, like there was an invisible spy nearby. “You know, about, Fairy’s?” Thunder rumbled outside the window and the sky’s turned dark. I shook my head. “No- they, they don’t exist!” Lightning struck just outside the house. She shook her head. “No, they are! That’s why he’s after you, you don’t believe!” I felt something cold strike my heart. “Who-Who’s after me?” She looked as if she had just told me the scariest thing in the world. “The Source of All Evil.” It started raining. “He’s someone you should never bump into, no matter what.” “Your life depends on it.”

The Mystic Ones 10 I meet my worst Enemy
Chapter 10- I meet my worst Enemy

Just then, a mess of tangled ding-dongs from our door bell shook the house. Sarah flinched and stood up, and ran to the door. She peeked into the little hole above the mail slot at first, then gasped unexpectedly and opened the door. I stood up, and walked over to it. It was josh. I hugged him and he smiled. Sarah nodded and pulled us away. “Alright, there’s not enough time!” josh nodded and took my hand and stepped outside. I looked back at Sarah and shook my head. “What’s going on, Sarah? Why aren’t you coming?” She smiled and put her hand on my shoulder, sweetly like the way Mr. Marpin did. “Its okay, Alara. Just go!” Josh sighed and pulled his hair behind his ears. “Sarah will be fine, let’s just go!” we both stumbled along the side walk and put our hoods on our heads. He stepped onto the street and waved his hands when a taxi passed by. he stepped near the window and I saw him look deep into the driver’s eyes, a man with golden blonde hair, a stubbed brown beard, and a yellow cap that says, ‘Manhattan Taxi’s’. I saw josh mumble something while he was looking into the man’s eyes and the driver repeat it. Shortly after, josh turned to me and motions me to come on. What did he just do? Was it more magic? By now, I was fed up nobody was telling me straight forward information. I ran to him and got into the taxi. The taxi driver told me his name was Roy with a monotone voice. It was flat like he was hypnotized, then he turned and began driving. I looked to josh, who was looking worriedly out the window. “What’s going on, Josh?” “What is everybody hiding from me?” he looked at me and said, “You will find out soon Alara.” “Just give it some time.” I scoffed and wanted to rip my hair out, but kept calm around a normal guy. We pulled up at Long Island beach and just got off. The man drove away without Josh paying him any money. I looked at josh who was tugging at me to run and I did. Then, a shadow arose above me and josh, and we looked up. Blood-shot eyes were staring down at us both, and cold, musty smelling breath, blew our hair. Josh stood in front of me and stretched out his arms, and told me to run. I was frozen, and a green, scaly hand, swept Josh aside.

The Mystic Ones 11 Sarah to the Rescue
Chapter 11- Sarah to the Rescue

I turned and ran as fast as I could away from the shadow, but it was like my shadow. I couldn’t get away. Then, I felt something as colder than ice grip my ankle. It tugged me and I fell straight on my face. My ankle was being pulled, along with the rest of my body, and I was being consumed in the shadow. My leg was already in it, and I was gripping the dirt and screaming. Just then, I heard somebody shout, “Eat this, Freak!” A blast of fire hit the shadow, and a wail of agony came from deep within it. He let my ankle go, and my ankle felt like it had been broken in 4 different places. I struggled to my feet and saw Josh in the far corner of the beach, right at the tip of the shore, the water brushing against him. I limped to him and put him on my back. I looked back at Sarah and saw her blasting fire balls at him and the shadow coming closer to her every second. She looked at me and a shock of surprise appeared in her eyes. From afar all I could hear was, “Alara, go to –rock in the –corner –the beach!” I barely understood due to the weight of Josh and the pain in my leg and pieced to together. Rock… in the corner… of the beach! I said in my mind. I limped to a large boulder at the corner of the beach and saw 3 rocks at the bottom it. It wasn’t opening. It looked like just a normal boulder! I knocked franticly on it and looked back at Sarah, who was still stepping back as she blasted the shadow with Fire explosions. All the power was drained out me. I just decided to give up. Until 2 hands came straight out of the boulder and pulled me and Josh, who was still on my back inside.
The Mystic Ones 12 I know the Truth
Chapter 12- I know the Truth

I kicked and screamed, “I have to save my cousin! Stop!” Then I heard the calming, Honey sweet voice and soft touch of Mr. Marpin that calmed me down immediately. I looked around and somebody took Josh off my back and carried him inside another room. I looked behind me and saw Mr. Marpin, sitting on his knees with his hands on my shoulders. There were 3 other people with us. A tall, skinny African-American man with his arms folded and a small bag in his hands. The bag was glowing, and he was looking at me with sincere eyes. They were a creamy grey, and they made me want to drink a hot cup of chocolate. The other was short and slim, and had a crazy looking hair-style that twisted and curled in all different directions. Her hair was blue, and her eyes were a flaming red. The last was short and pudgy, and had sunset orange eyes with short black hair. I finally had enough strength to talk. “What, who are you all?” Mr. Marpin glanced at my ankle and his eyes widened with terror. He made me stand up, and of course, I couldn’t stand on my left ankle. He walked me to a bright white room, with pictures of red medical crosses and bright blue shades covering over 30 beds stretching to the back of the room. He walked me to the first empty one and I sat on it. I took a solid look at my ankle and it had bites in it, each bite mark dripping with blood. He sat on the tip of my bed, and I looked at him briefly. I was determined to know what was going on. “Mr. Marpin.” I said. “I want the truth. What the heck is going on?!” He looked towards me and put his hand on my knee. “Alara, you, are a fairy.” At first, I didn’t believe him, but after a long moment of exchanging looks, I knew. He wasn’t kidding. I shook my head. How was this real? No, it couldn’t be! “How, How?” “This isn’t possible!” he laughed and looked towards me. “Have you ever wondered, even thought, how you’re mother and father really died?” I froze. How did he know about that? “Yeah… they died in a car crash… that’s what the cops told me!” he laughed and looked away. “They are all clueless!” “They have never found them!” “Your mother and Father were killed at the claws of Maleficent. Thunder rumbled in the sky and the ground shook a bit, enough to make me tilt on the bed.


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The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet   The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 10:09 pm

Ah, I like it! Very interesting topic. :)

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The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet   The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2012 12:51 pm

awesome, Thanks!!!! :3

The Mystic Ones 13 I eat Fairy Dust
Chapter 13- I eat Fairy Dust

I was shocked. To think, the cops told me they had died in a car crash, I went to the funeral, and saw them put the caskets in the ground. They all lied. Mr. Marpin sat quiet for a moment and I stared at him, like he was devastated also. Moments later, I felt a stinging pain in my ankle and he shot out of his daze. He glanced at my ankle, and it was sizzling, like there was acid on it. He put his hand on my shoulder, “Alara, stay here. Don’t get up. I’ll be back soon.” I nodded slightly and he ran out the room. I sat on the bed, completely lost… He rushed back in, with a girl following him. She looked like she was at least 14, and sat on the edge of the bed, right in front of my ankle. She smiled at me and placed her hands on it. “I’m Gwen.” She said politely. I smiled and winced when she touched my ankle. “I’m Alara.” She nodded and closed her eyes. Her smile faded. My ankle began to glow, and I felt another stinging pain in my ankle. She squeezed her eyes closed tighter, and began to sweat. Then, she stopped and jumped back. She was breathing heavily, and her shirt was soaked with sweat. The glow disappeared, and I looked around, what just happened? “What, what just happened Mr. Marpin?” He shook his head and sat down on the other bed beside me with a thud. “Gwen looked like she had just fought fire. “Mr. Marpin.” She said to him. “I’m sorry, I thought I could do it-” But Mr. Marpin stopped her before she could say anything else. “No, Gwen.” He said. I was still sitting in shock. “You didn’t do anything. Go fetch me a bag of Fairy Dust from the Magic Making Chamber.” She nodded and ran out the room. “Your wound is too extreme to heal.” He said to me. I looked out the door. “What do you mean?” I asked. He sighed, like I was supposed to know this by now. “Your wound was made by a large, strong creature.” “Regular healing is not the right remedy for it.” Just then, Gwen rushed in the room with a brown glowing bag. The bag was made out of reinforced leather, and the strands of hair that closed it, made of silky beige horse hair. She handed the Bag to Mr. Marpin, and he stood up. He took a small silver spoon and opened the bag. I watched quietly as he took a scoop of the glowing dust. He held the spoon close to my mouth and put the bag on the side-Table. “Open Up.” He said. I hesitantly opened my mouth and he stuck the spoon in it. As I swallowed it, I felt like I had just stuck a raw Alka-Seltzer pill in my mouth, and swallowed it. When it was gone, the only thing I saw was a glowing essence on my ankle, and the Bite marks closing, before I didn’t have enough strength to keep my head up, and I blacked out.

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The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet   The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet Icon_minitime

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The Mystic ones- Not sure of an accurate title yet
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