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Forgotten Purrs

A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter.
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I wrote this start of a story a while ago. I stopped when I got stuck. I'm not sure I will ever get around to finishing it but here it is.

The sound of water rushing by rings in my eardrum as I sit by the side of the lake staring off into the distance. I feel the brush of fabric against my knee and look over at the boy sitting next to me. His black hair is a mess as usual ruffling in the breeze. He gazes off into the distance with his bright green eyes. The freckles covering his nose are hard to spot under the dirt that covers his nose now. I look back over the water onto the opposite shore and wait. My tangle of brown hair falls from behind me ear blocking my view; quickly I push the snarls back in place.

Suddenly the boy stands up spinning to look behind us. He frowns as his hands turn into fists. I roll my violet eyes standing up and turn around hearing the crunch of leaves under a shoe. Brushing past the boy I make my way towards the sound. The boy follows but doesn’t say a word still holding his fists at his side. “Mudd!” I cry running to the boy walking out from behind a tree. I throw my arms around him in a hug he holds me stiffly, I know he is staring at Pippo over my shoulder who is turn is staring back. Mudd and my brother never seem to have gotten along but I make them deal with it if they want to stick around with me. I release Mudd smiling up at him noticing his fancy blue shirt. I frown at the dirt already stained into it. Leave it to Mudd to wear a fancy shirt into the woods. I turn back to Pippo and his old grey shirt, which used to be yellow and shrug. They could both benefit from switching places for a day. We made out way back to the river. I was about to sit down when I was caught off guard. I first felt a tugging on my wrist as I was yanked and hand to stumble to follow. I looked up at a skinny boy his hair fell covering his face. I noticed it was drenched in sweat and then we were both running. “Vinny?” I asked tripping over my feet trying to look at him but we were moving too fast and my word was taken into the wind. Suddenly I knew not to turn around so I kept following I listened instead hearing footsteps on out heels. I assumed it was Pippo and Mudd but I could not be sure of the sound of the wind whipping against my ears. We ran for a while when suddenly I herd a thump. I skidded to a stop and turned around to look behind me. Vinny dropped my hand trying to come to a halt using a tree to stop himself he turned to look at me. Mudd ran past stopping near Vinny but I was to busy looking at Pippo to notice anything else. He was crumpled on the ground in an awkward position. It was a position no human should have been in but Pippo was not human. He slowly uncurled himself and stood up. There was a dent in the tree behind him, later I would find out he was pushed into. Then Jinx materialized before my eyes. He stood only paces away from me staring into my eyes with his own cold black ones. I held my ground knowing if it was anyone else Jinx would have pushed into that tree we would not have been as lucky. Then Mudd’s hands are on my shoulders.

“What do you want?” He stares at Jinx. Everyone is tense. Jinx leans casually against a tree.

“What is mine.” I frown and snap back

“I am not yours” Mudd pulls me close to him. I can hear the sound of his heart. It has sped up quite a bit. Then everything happens so quickly. Jinx moves closer and Pippo steps in front of him to block his path to me. Pippo’s hidden muscle holds him in place as Jinx trys to push him aside. Then little Vinny is beside Pippo, I move to help but Mudd holds me in place. I watched as Jinx threw Pippo aside as if he weighed nothing as all. He pushed passed Vinny who tumbled to the ground next to Pippo who was already picking himself up. I stares at Jinx as he made eye contact with Mudd. Jinx reaches forward towards me then all of a sudden Pippo was on his back yanking on Jinx’s hair and they both fell to the floor. Punches were exchanges and I herd horrible cracks and groans until it finally stopped. Pippo pulled himself off the ground he was bleeding from his nose. He brushed his hand across his nostril, Mudd pulled me backwards and we waited everything seemed to be still.

I felt Mudd’s grip finally release and I ran over to Vinny he was covering his nose with his hands, blood trickles down through dropping to the forest floor. I pulled his hands away but his nose was already healing. I watched in fascination as he winced concentrating on closing the wound. Vinny was amazing at healing, his gift was one of the most useful in the group. We all have them, we aren’t allowed to let anyone know about them, at least that’s a rule we made and for good reason. Vinny rarely used his unless necessary but out here no one would notice. I wish I could be as careful as him sometimes.

Pippo pulled on my arm bringing me back to reality. “Wha?” I start to say.

“How the heck did he find us!?” Pippo glares at me “What did you do?”
“I don’t, N-nothing” I reply trying to wrap my head around the accusation.

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