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A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter.
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PostSubject: Orange   Orange Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 8:40 pm

*Name: Orange(sun/song)
*Sex: Female
*Age: 11 moons
*Appearance: Fluffy red tabby with Amber eyes. She has several scars down her side and on on her cheek.
Personality: Tomboyish, Un-lady like, tough, defiant, playful, easily jealous, giggly, energetic, bold.
*Rank: Rogue
History: born a kittypet, but abandoned in the woods. A clan cat adopted her (Cloverwind). Cloverwind soon became a leader and developed a severe case of greencough, that took many of her lives. Though, soon after Orange became an apprentice, she met a handsome tom on the border, named Sunpelt, and became his mate soon after, her adoptive clan knowing nothing of it. He was much older than her, and affectionately gave her the name Orangesong, with her own ceremony. Not long after that, Cloverstar lost her last lives in a war between her clan and Orange's mate's clan, forcing Orange to betray her own clan, and Sunpelt's clanmates. She had to watch a cat kill her mother, and another cat kill Sunpelt in revenge for Cloverstar's death. Orange blamed the medicine cat for not treating her greencough right, claiming that Cloverstar would still be alive if it had, and lashed out at him, killing him. She was chased out of the clan and has lived as a rogue for the last moon, choosing to forget her past and move on(A bit long?)
Other: Doesn't like to talk about her pas. Doesn't have faith in Starclan, since her mother died.
*Roleplay Sample: *Orange trotted happily through a shallow stream, her past splashing noisily in the water, scaring away the prey in the forest, as well as the tiny guppies that swam through the water. A small toad hopped by her and she pounced on it, holding the squirming on her creature under her paws. She gave it a careful lick, and straightened, screwing up her face* That's gross! *She hopped back up, leaving the confused frog, and continued on her journey*

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