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A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter.
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Character Name:

Character Age:
16 moons




Alicarri is a brown and white tabby. Her pelt is thick, but it isn't long or silky like a Maine Coon's. Fights from time ago had ripped out clumps to the skin, and most of her pelt is uneven in thickness. Brown stripped fur covers her back and tail, while pure white colors her chest, underparts, and muzzle, aside from a small speck of brown on her upper lip. Her eyes are a fierce stormy gray. The rouge's physique is rather small. She's not necessarily small, but she's definitely not big either. Overall, she's quite a pretty cat.

Alicarri is quite the cat. She's brilliant, cunning, and sly. She's quick witted too. Her natural beauty is to her advantage-- and she uses it. The brown tabby is not exactly stable in her emotions, though. One moment she could be saying kind words to a friend, then another she could be yowling hatred. In simpler terms, she's a might crazy.
Having power, manipulating others, and tricking her friends
--- Dislikes:
Clancats, Clans in general, dramatic cats, and prying cats (she's not very social... {; )
Cunning, swiftness, and slyness
Extremely vain, very childish when it comes to being beaten, and too ambitious

Alicarri was actually born a Clancat. DuskClan, to be specific. She was treated with love and respect, and everything a kit would want. Everything any other kit would want-- just not her. Teachings about StarClan made her crazy-- what kind of crazy lunacrissy was that?! She soon learned of NightClan, and her heart soon followed them. Her worship was stolen by the dark hearted cats on the dead. She one day voiced her thoughts; such a terrible fight happened between her and her mother that she decided to exile herself from the Clans, swearing vengeance on them-- all of them. From that day on, she roamed as a rouge.

0_o Worst. Bio. Ever.
Alright, so NightClan is my own personal StarClan. They're a bit evil though.
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