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A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter.
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 Golden's Join Sheet

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PostSubject: Golden's Join Sheet   Golden's Join Sheet Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2012 2:40 pm

*Name: GoldenFlame
*Sex: Female
*Age: 16 Moons
*Appearance: Fluffy, reddish-brown fur, with a white patch on her nose and one on her chest. Has a very fluffy tail. Light golden eyes.
Personality: GoldenFlame is very friendly to most cats, yet she can be a bit stubborn. She's a very honest cat, yet can forget things easily. Also, GoldenFlame can be a bit independent at times.
*Rank: Warrior
Clan: LightningClan
Other: Born into clan.
*Roleplay Sample:As the sun was beginning to set, GoldenFlame trotted through the LightningClan forest. She was enjoying the warm, sunny day. The LightningClan warrior easily jumped over a log, and continued to go on. She stopped by a warm rock, and jumped atop it. GoldenFlame sat down, her long fur blowing faintly in the wind. Her light gold eyes glinted in the bright sun as she looked around. Curling her fluffy tail around her paws, GoldenFlame took a slow, deep, breath.

Picture(It's really big...):

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Golden's Join Sheet
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