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 Writing a Good Introduction

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PostSubject: Writing a Good Introduction   Writing a Good Introduction Icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2012 10:11 pm

'Ello. I'm going to tell you how to write a good introduction. :3 If you aren't new, scram.
Hee hee.

First of all, you gotta know the point of an introduction. The point is to post crap about yourself and wait for others to say welcome to the site. If that happens, you've been accepted into the brotherhood. Although I'm pretty sure it's mostly girls here.

So, what crap are you going to post? We want to know about you, not your roleplaying characters, not your friends, not your imaginary friends. Intros can actually be surprisingly helpful, they help give you something to talk about to others, and if you manage to get a conversation rolling you'll have friends here in no time.

You can ask for help as well, but remember that this is not the help section. Go to "Questions" for that. We're eager to help either way, just keep that in mind. :3

But before writing an introduction, you'll need to know something about the people here. Most of us are very friendly, and all of us are a little random. The first impression is what counts, so toss in a spark of humor here and there, let people know you're here, and you're going to like it here.

Here are a few ideas on what to include in your introduction. If you don't feel comfortable posting something here, don't. Say whatever you like (as long as it follows the rules). We are as open minded as possible here. You aren't going to be banned for speaking your mind. Usually.

-Your real life name. (ONLY your first.)
-If you have an account on another popular website. Just not Facebook. That's a little creepy, posting that stuff to strangers. CreatureBreeder is a good example, CB is one of the more popular websites for roleplaying, and at least half of us have accounts there. You don't? Fine, be that way. I'm not a huge fan of CB either. But I still go on.
-Do you have any experience roleplaying, or on forums? Don't post a link to your own, by the way. That'll give you a warning. Not that we don't care, just . . . that's kind of spam. Which does not make a good first impression.
-Your favorite color. Something I always include. Just in case. Like, at the bottom of an intro I'd put, "My favorite color is light gray. :D"
-Something really, really stupid. And maybe a little bit random.
-Are you British? British makes everything cooler. Like, 20% cooler. Also, if that was offensive you shouldn't have read it.
-Don't say you're American. I'm American. Therefore, you are lame and boring.
-I've run out of things to say so I'm going to stop writing things now. fskfjl

Note that all introductions are locked as soon as they have one week with no replies.

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Writing a Good Introduction
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