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 Getting Kind of Sick of This...

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Getting Kind of Sick of This... Empty
PostSubject: Getting Kind of Sick of This...   Getting Kind of Sick of This... Icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2012 10:39 pm

This isn't a real announcement, I'd like just to say.

No one is keeping the Clan member lists updated. I just went through and updated each of them, and added another, for non-Clan cats. But I swear, I added at least four cats to each list (SC discluded x3), and that kind of upsets me.

If anyone would like me to start keeping track of their members for them, I will do so willingly, and if this keeps up, I will do so by force.

(I'm sorry about this guys, I'm just really in a rush and a little ticked right now. <.< Not in the best mood.)

Edit: And leaders, if an apprentice joins your Clan, get them a mentor. And if someone posts saying they want to be deputy or med. cat, if Dreamer or I approve them, we are approving them as a deputy/med. cat OR a warrior. We don't know if you want that person as a high ranking Clan member. It'd be very helpful, at least to me, if you confirmed what their position is. And check the NC RPers group before confirming, make sure they don't already have a high ranking character.

Would this be considered a rant?

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Getting Kind of Sick of This...
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