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 Acorn. ;3

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PostSubject: Acorn. ;3   Acorn. ;3 Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 1:22 am

*Name: Acornpelt
*Sex: Tom
*Age: 49 Moons
*Appearance: Long-haired, brown tabby. One of his eyes is slightly smaller, from an accident when he was younger. He has greenish hazel(?) eyes.
Personality: Acornpelt has a young personality, often acting as if he is only an apprentice. He is thoughtful, always thinking of the upside of things. Though he tends to be independent and quiet when mad, or depressed. His sister means almost everything to him.
*Rank: Elder
Clan: LightningClan
History: Born to a litter of three;two girls and one boy. One, unfortunately, didn't survive. By the time they were apprentices, they had neither a mother or a father. Acornpelt is very close to his sister, due to this. He and his sister have had a long life, and they both retired around 40 moons.
Other: He has a sister, who is also in LC. (Silverfur said she will make her later. x3)
*Roleplay Sample: ...9th character?

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Acorn. ;3
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