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A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter.
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 Jewel the Kittypet

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PostSubject: Jewel the Kittypet   Jewel the Kittypet Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2012 11:08 pm

Name: Jewel
Sex: Female
Age: 10 moons
Appearance: Jewel the Kittypet Cat-picture-white-green-eyes-renedepaula-cat
Personality: Jewel is cute, but is a strong and brave cat. She loves her owner, but her curiosity makes her want to see what is out there in the forest.
Rank: Kittypet
Clan: -
History: Jewel was born in an adoption center, and unfortunately got separated from her family. She was the last cat in her family to be adopted, but luckily, she got to share a cage with another cat.
Other: She has her own flap-door to get outside.
Roleplay Sample: Jewel leaps onto the flat part of the gate. I don't know if I should be doing this... she thought, hopping off of the gate. Just a look, to see what it is like out there. The white cat pads across the street and into the forest. "Hello?" she whispers very quietly, once she got into the forest. "Anyone here?" She sees a mouse scattering around and looks at it curiously. She finally pounds on it and picks it up in her mouth. Wondering what this prey was, she trots back to her twoleg nest, jumps over the gate and onto a bench-swing, lay down, drops her prey, rests her muzzle on her two front paws, and falls asleep.
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Jewel the Kittypet
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