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A Warrior Cats roleplay based on the best-selling books by Erin Hunter.
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 Character Template and Example

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PostSubject: Character Template and Example   Character Template and Example Icon_minitimeMon Sep 12, 2011 7:13 pm

Is this your first time here? Please read the entire post before continuing.

In order to roleplay, you must create or adopt a character. If you chose to adopt one, please check out Roleplayers Needed, which can be found here. If you'd like to create a character, this is the right place.
When creating multiple characters, please create a new topic for each. Once a character is approved it will be moved to the Approved Characters section, where you are free to update it or ignore it as time goes by. If your cat dies, you can keep roleplaying it as a spirit, where it has the power to talk to the living in their dreams or even tell prophecies. (Make sure you get someone's permission before invading their dream or including them in a prophecy.) You're also free to start off as a dead cat.
Try to be as creative as possible with names -- no two cats should have the exact same name, though they are free to share a nickname. For example, if there were two cats called Zebra and Zebra Stripes. Both could be called Zebra, but there shouldn't be two Zebra Stripes.

Please use this form when creating your character. Only the fields with asterisks before them are required. If you're having trouble, feel free to look at the example at the bottom of this post or other people's characters for inspiration.
When you create a character, make sure the topic title matches your character's name.

*Roleplay Sample: [The roleplay sample is so we know how you roleplay, and we can make sure you follow our rules. You will only need to fill in the Roleplay Sample field for your first character. Just pretend you're roleplaying normally.]

Here is the code for the character template. Just copy and paste.
[b]*Roleplay Sample[/b]:

Here's an example character sheet. This one is almost completely filled out, but again, only the fields with asterisks are required. You also do not have to use complete sentences.

*Name: Quillfeather
*Sex: Female
*Age: 19 moons
*Appearance: Quillfeather is a pale orange tabby with brown stripes. Her chest is a tannish-white and her eyes are a pleasant green.
Personality: Quillfeather is a modest young she-cat, quiet most of the time, but talkative around friends.
*Rank: Warrior
Clan: BoulderClan
History: For most of her life, Quillfeather was a kittypet. Eventually she ran into a BoulderClan cat and decided to join the Clan. While she still feels a little awkward and not as knowledgeable as her Clanmates, she has been fully accepted into the Clan.
Other: None
*Roleplay Sample: Quillfeather watched the stranger from a distance. The cat had an unusual smell, its own smell mixed with that of many others. Could it be one of those Clan cats? The tabby wondered. Occasionally, though not very often, a Clan cat had wandered up here. Usually they were smaller, but there was nothing wrong with someone older coming up here either.

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Character Template and Example
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